In 1959 a group of engineers from Chrysler Corporation began to participate in the nation's new craze; "Drag racing". They started with a 1949 Plymouth business coupe, named "The High and Mighty". They had extensive experience with the "long-horn" intake manifold that powered the early Chrysler 300 series, and began to experiment with the technology in drag racing.

The name soon evolved from long-horn to ram's -horn and eventually the public settled on the nickname Ram-Induction. By the 1960 race season this group created the team named, RAMCHARGERS.


In 1962 the team, with the assistance of a California group called the Beach Boys, made famous the potential of Chrysler’s 413 motor, when it was “powered with Ram-induction”. In 1963 the RAMCHARGERS became nationally famous with two factory sponsored team cars, each using an automatic transmission. The cars were nicknamed, CANDYMATIC, and featured a white car with seven candy-apple red stripes on the top and trunk deck, along with the name RAMCHARGERS, leaning boldly toward the front of the car on each side.

With these cars, driven by Herman Moser and Jim Thornton, RAMCHARGERS defeated all challengers, facing each other for the class championship in Super-Stock Automatic (S/SA). Thornton won. The next day, Moser turned the tables and eliminated Thornton in a semi-final round and then defeated Al Ekstrand, in the LAWMAN, taking the title of Top-Stock-Eliminator. In 1964, RAMCHARGERS introduced the 426 Hemi, and were runner-up at the Nationals to Roger Lindamood, driving Color Me Gone in another Hemi-powered Dodge.