1964 Dodge 330
Competition # 981-1053

Riding on the success of 1963, The RAMCHARGERS were quite enthusiastic with the coming season in 64. After the sale of the 1963 #980 car, the championship winning #979 car was stripped of its engine, and tucked away in a corner of the shop, to make room for the new 1964 Dodges that would take their place. The first to arrive was this 64 Dodge 330 Sedan. Different from the previous cars in 63, this did not have its number painted on the quarter panels. It's competition number, 980 or 981 was typically written on the glass, or sometimes on the rear quarters with shoe polish. Just as the year before, this car arrived in white paint with red interior. An automatic trans was the constant recipe for success, moving the gears for the very familiar RAMCHARGER 426 Max Wedge between the fender wells. And just as the year before, and would continue as the style design for evermore, the RAMCHARGERS logo down the side, accompanied by 7 candy apple red stripes on the roof and trunk lid. A candy red stripe running the length of the body, front to back, was also standard. This year, however, the words "1963 Stock Eliminator" in bright white letters (celebrating their monumental dominance in 63, and their Stock Eliminator victory at the NHRA Nationals in Indy) emblazoned themselves inside the stripe on the quarter panels -reminding everyone in the pts, exactly who they were dealing with.

Continued success came from the constant evolution of the Super Stock package. Making further advancements in the suspension, and never leaving well-enough alone with the engine, was pretty much how it went at the RAMCHARGERS garage. Though this car was continuously getting faster, so was the competition. And with the development of the coming Hemi being delayed, the pressure was beginning to mount. The decision was made to bring out the old 63 car from the corner to help the team by fielding a 2-car program, just as they had the previous year.

Shockingly, the old 63 car was faster and better than the new car. It was this "happy accident" that made the boys realize that a well-"seasoned" engine simply made more power. And made that power consistently. So adjustments were made to the new car with this new found information, and it began to perform marvelously... Giving the RAMCHARGERS that devastating 1-2 punch that found them quite often as the last 2 cars remaining after a weekend of eliminations.

By late summer, the new Hemi car was finally figured out and moving mountains. Truly in a class of its own, it was designated to handle the competition in the A/FX class, while this car took over all duties in Super Stock.

By the end of the 64 season, a new 426 Hemi had found its way under the hood of this car as well and it was re-numbered with 1053, painted on the lower rear section of the quarter panel. The Chevy's Pontiac's and Fords in Super Stock were absolutely miserable. Now having a Hemi crushing everyone in Super Stock, just like its teammate was in A/FX, it was clear that nobody could hang with the RAMCHARGERS.

When the weather cooled, as always, it was time to start thinking about next year. And with the rumor mill churning out allegations of a new SOHC engine being developed by Ford for their much smaller and lighter cars, the RAMCHARGERS were a bit nervous. A plan needed to be made very soon. With that, the 1964 cars were both sold. This car went to Ted Detar. He repainted it and had a fair amount of success, racing this car under its new name, the "Big Money Dodge". After Detar was done with this car, it was sold again and seemed to have slipped into obscurity.

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