1970 Plymouth Cuda Super Stock
Competition # 3100

When the RAMCHARGERS sold the Demon Funny Car after it crashed in the beginning of the 1974 season, it seemed as if they were done racing forever. For the 1974 season, they did not have a single car to enter at any event, in any class. They remained focused on their ever-growing businesses, building race engines, and now running a series of Speed Shops in Michigan. But that didn't last long. You can take the RAMCHARGERS out of the race, but you can't take the racing out of the RAMCHARGERS.

Enter Dean Nicopolis and Ted Flack.

Flack and Nicopolis had been very successful in various Super Stock classes throughout the early 70's. Ted, also an Engineer and Dyno Operator at Chrysler since the mid/late 1960's. Both men had made their faces quite common at the RAMCHARGERS Engine Shop in Taylor, Michigan. So they became quite familiar with each other. Together, they came up with a plan.

With the RAMCHARGERS having no car in any class for the entire 1974 season, Flack and Nicopolis approached former RAMCHARGERS driver, and current Co-Owner Leroy Palarchio about creating a new Super Stock team. Returning the RAMCHARGERS to their roots. Palarchio loved what they were selling and collectively, the three of them formed a new team. Flack had just purchased a new 1974 Duster the year prior and had a great endorsement from Chrysler to race it. Leroy, upon the decision to form a new team, bought a 1970 Cuda that he, himself, himself would drive. And Dean Nicopolis had a 1970 Hemicuda, this car, that would be his contribution to the team in Super Stock D/Automatic.

Deans 'Cuda is a legit Hemi car that he had been running in Super Stock D/Automatic for a few years. Formerly Black on Black, Dean had redone the interior in a custom Gray color. Upon officially joining the RAMCHARGERS, the cars would all get painted accordingly, by legendary painter, Paul Hatton, of Hatton's House of Krazy Paint.

Being that the new Super Stock team would be comprised of cars not owned by the RAMCHARGERS, but instead, privately owned by the driver of each car, the group decided to add TEAM CAR below the RAMCHARGERS logo on the side of the cars. Though they were to be campaigned as RAMCHARGERS Race Cars, this was a different situation, as these were more accurately "sponsored" vehicles.

Nonetheless, Dean Nicopolis and his RAMCHARGERS Hemi Cuda was a perfect fit. The team traveled as a trio and really restored the name of the RAMCHARGERS in the Super Stock world. Nicopolis won countless races with the Cuda as well as 37 "Wally's" in its time as a RAMCHARGERS car. Even capturing a Wally at the biggest race of the year, the NHRA US Nationals... the first for the RAMCHARGERS since 1963! Dean's Cuda was also the winner of the Popular Hot Rodding Magazine Meet three times, in 1977, 1979, and again in 1983. Long after the Super Stock team had run its course, this car continued on as a solo entrant for the RAMCHARGERS brand all the way until 1986, when Dean Retired from racing.


It's worth noting of an additional 1970 Cuda Super Stock car in RAMCHARGERS clothing. In the 1980's after the RAMCHARGERS Super Stock Team had disbanded, and all other race vehicles had been sold, Dean continued to march on racing with this Cuda, still being sponsored by RAMCHARGERS. Dean, however did not really enjoy running around the country by himself, as much as he did with a team. And with his son Mike becoming of age, Dean built a clone to his car for his son to drive. Now, not an officially sponsored car like Dean's, it still wore the uniform and did a great job representing the iconic Candy Stripes. Any Hemi-powered Mopar built by Dean Nicopolis is going to be a contender. And his son, Mike, was a hell of a driver. Together, the father-son team continued to race as a tandem until Dean's retirement. Mike's car (# 3168) was sold off. Currently, rumored to still be in a garage in Michigan. ---

In February on 1987, just months after it's official retirement from racing, the Cuda would win its class in the famous Detroit Autorama car show. After that, the car was put away for about 10 years, then brought back out for a complete restoration. Upon completion, Dean Nicopolis would unveil it on display at the 1997 Detroit Autorama. And again, it won its class. The Cuda would even grace the cover of March 1999 issue of Mopar Collectors Guide magazine.

Since it's restoration, a lot has happened. The Cuda was sold to a Michigan collector, who also purchased the licensing rights to the name RAMCHARGERS, when they officially closed the stores in 2005. That collector then sold the Cuda at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale in 2007. Though the car was mis-advertised as being the only surviving RAMCHARGERS race car, it was still an incredible purchase for the new owner. Currently, however, the car has been again advertised for sale.



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